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Travis Hoglund has been working with the WordPress platform for over 7 years. He has presented at several development conferences, meetups, and Universities helping spread his experiences and loves collaborating on solutions with others in the community.

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Travis Hoglund
Minneapolis, MN
(715) 246-0442


DeVry University

B.A. Degree in Software Engineering 2015

Learn the skills needed to conceive, design, build, program, and manage web sites. This web development and administration specialization offers courses in both front-end and back-end programming.

AIU University

B.A. Degree in Graphic Design 2013

Tap into your creative side and learn how to produce designs that inspire and inuence. This program teaches you how to translate your ideas through concept, design and digital media.


Westwerk, LLC

Senior Developer 2016 - Current

Currently, I create custom WordPress themes that are accessible with fully optimized load times. Third party API’s are commonly used to meet client needs and implemented by using hooks and creating custom plugins

Zero to Five

Senior Developer 2011 - 2016

Created custom WordPress themes with advanced UI/UX requirements for large clients focused on perfecting their brand.


  • Javascript/jQuery
  • Wordpress/PHP
  • ACF
  • phpStorm
  • AWS

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